Who will make the order?

December 8,2023

1. Writers Information

Right from the recruitment stage, MAAS has constantly searched for the brightest candidates - Writers at MAAS are Bachelors, Masters, and Doctors with excellent professional qualifications and many years of experience in the field of writing service to ensure the quality of service provided to customers is always optimal. In addition, MAAS always encourages its team of experts to continuously research, practice skills, and improve their own knowledge to constantly develop and constantly innovate.

All Writers applying to MAAS must complete writing tests and assignments that are examined and evaluated by our team of Quality Assessment (QAs) experts. If Writers pass the competency assessment tests, we will check their personal information, login information and authorize work on a few pre-orders. QAs monitor a writer's work for a certain period of time and ultimately decide whether the writer is worthy of cooperation or not.

2. Can you talk to the person in charge of your article?

You cannot communicate directly with the writers, but for any information or updates about the article as well as editing requests for your article, you can email us via support@maas.vn. By using email when ordering articles, the customer service department at MAAS can transfer information as well as update writers with your wishes and needs for the best completed article.

If there is any feedback from the writers, we will immediately notify you, to ensure that your article is done in the best way.

3. Can you share document files with your writers?

MAAS encourages you to share all references, lecture slides, and all information related to your article with writers. This information will help writers write your writing in the most accurate and complete way so that your Assignment, Essay, Dissertation, and Online test can get the best score.

Besides, you can also share your login account to the school's system so that our writers can grasp the teacher's lecture slides as well as information about the lesson fully and quickly. Logging into the school system also helps writers to look up academic standard documents specifically for articles on the school's online library system. And you can rest assured that we are committed to protecting your and writer's information which is a prerequisite that MAAS has implemented over the past 8 years!

4. Can you choose your own writers?

This is the question that many customers are most interested in, but you cannot choose a writer at MAAS. For each MAAS order, we proactively select writers who are qualified, have professional qualifications, and match the committed score. Besides, if you are a new customer ordering at MAAS for the first time, our Order Control department will randomly select writers for you while still ensuring the criteria are consistent with the article and points package you choose.