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Leading Asian academic writing solutions provider for students and international students worldwide.

01/Our Vision - Mission - Core Value

Building a Better Tomorrow One Step at a Time: Our Guiding Principles


Ignites the passion for learning

Empowers students with a thirst for knowledge


Foremost academic service technology company in Asia.

Go-to brand for international and domestic students.


Transparency Creativity & Innovation





Qualified academic essays

Professional consulting and customer service

Companionship for students

01/Our Vision - Mission - Core Value

02/Our commitment

MAAS's Journey to become lead of asia academic service

With over 9 years of experience helping students, mainly international and those in the UK, New Zealand, US, and Singapore affiliated universities, from high school to PhD level, we focus on keeping our services innovative and effective to constantly improve student success.

Our brand story

9Years of Experience & Growth

Years of Experience & Growth


MAAS EdTech has affirmed its position as a leading educational organization in Asia

98%Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction fuels our passion for delivering exceptional service.

6.000.000Words per year on average

6,000,000 words have been written to help clients achieve their dreams per year

02/Our commitment

Our brand story


with MAAS and Witness Innovation Arise

Partnering with MAAS goes beyond a simple collaboration. It's an opportunity to expand your growth, amplify your impact, and work alongside leading minds. Together, we'll reshape the academic landscape.


Brand Enhancement

Partnering with MAAS offers a unique opportunity to enhance your brand visibility and credibility within the academic community. By affiliating with a reputable leader like MAAS, organizations can strengthen their brand image and position themselves as trusted authorities in their respective fields.

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Reputation for Excellence

Renowned for its commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to quality, MAAS has built a stellar reputation within the academic community. By aligning with MAAS, partners benefit from association with a trusted brand known for delivering exceptional results.

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Joint Funding Opportunities

Partnering with MAAS opens up access to joint funding opportunities, allowing organizations to leverage shared resources and collaborate on impactful projects. Through strategic alliances and cooperative initiatives, partners can unlock new avenues for growth and innovation.

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Let`s work together!

MAAS stands as a frontrunner in the academic sector across Asia, recognized for its unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions. With a strong presence and deep-rooted connections in the region, partnering with MAAS opens doors to a vast network of opportunities and resources.

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Kat Nguyen

Business Development



At MAAS EdTech, we believe supporting student initiatives goes beyond the classroom. That's why we're excited to announce our sponsorship program, designed to empower your club's events and elevate your academic journey. Think bigger! Bring your wildest ideas to life, from workshops and conferences to hackathons and social events. We'll provide the resources, expertise, and financial support to make your vision a reality.


This event marks the first meeting between the Sponsors and the registered contestants of the Marketing Catcher 2024 compeition. The contestants will receive information about the competition's tasks and have the opportunity to ask questions directly to the Sponsors who created the tasks.

Date: April 10,2024

Location: Youth Cultural House

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05/Meet the team

Meet THE FACES Illuminating MAAS EdTech's Future

Diverse & Talented Team

Meet the minds shaping the future of education, the hands building brighter tomorrows, the spirits infused with the infectious dynamism of MAAS EdTech By combining diverse perspectives and talents, we collaboratively drive progress towards our shared vision.

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Anh Do

CEO & Founder

At the helm of MAAS EdTech is our visionary CEO and Founder, Anh Do. Her unwavering dedication, passion for academic writing, and commitment to excellence have been the driving force behind our company's success for over 8 years. Her message: "Being the bridge between customers and writers, MAAS always focuses on meticulous operation from the consultancy stage, customer services to order processing operation and quality control of essays. With the direction of becoming the leading and sustainably developed enterprise in the academic writing field, MAAS wants to have innovation in operation, and policy to ensure customers' benefits. Moreover, MAAS constantly researches the market, and expands the brand MAAS EdTech not only in the ASEAN but also in other regions around the world, and focuses on customer demand, updating new study trends to quickly develop innovative and specialized services."

Growth Team Department

The Growth Team at MAAS EdTech is a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who are passionate about helping students achieve their academic goals. We are responsible for driving growth and innovation across all areas of the business, including: 1/ Kat Nguyen - Business Development Manager : Expanding our market reach and developing strategic partnerships to drive new business opportunities. 2/ Diem Vo - Brand & Performance Marketing Manager: Building brand awareness and generating leads through targeted marketing campaigns. 3/ Truc Le - Social Media Marketing Manager: Creating and sharing engaging content on social media to connect with our target audience. 4/ My Le - Event & Communication Marketing Manager: Planning and executing events that promote our brand and services. We are a highly motivated and results-oriented team who are always looking for new ways to improve our services and exceed our customers' expectations.

Operation Management Department

Our dedicated Operations Management Team plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of our business, and in meeting the needs of our clients. Our team consists of 3 key positions: 1/ Mai Dinh - Chief Operating Officer (COO): Oversees the entire order management process. Ensures the highest quality standards are met. Optimizes operational efficiency and productivity. 2/ Trinh Nguyen - Operation Management Leader: - Optimizes internal processes and workflows to drive operational efficiency and excellence. 3/ Operation Management Team Member: Handles order processing and tracking and collaborates with experts to ensure timely delivery. Provides support to the team as needed. Through the combined efforts of our highly skilled and experienced team, we are able to deliver exceptional academic writing services that exceed our clients' expectations.

Customer Relations Department

Our dedicated Customer Relations Department is committed to providing our clients with a positive and personalized experience throughout their journey with us. Our team consists of two key positions: 1/ Mai Dinh - Chief Operation Officer: Developing and implementing processes and procedures that ensure that customers are always satisfied with the level of service they receive 2/ Ngoc Nguyen - Customer Relations Leader: Focuses on delivering exceptional service and support to clients, ensuring satisfaction and loyalty. 3/ Customer Relations Member: Provides professional consultation and support to clients. Handles order processing and ensures smooth delivery of services. Actively resolves any issues or concerns promptly and efficiently. Collects feedback and suggestions for continuous improvement. Our Customer Relations team is passionate about building lasting relationships with our clients and helping them achieve their academic goals.

IT Department

At MAAS EdTech, we believe that technology is a powerful tool that can be used to improve the lives of students around the world. Our dedicated IT Department is committed to developing and maintaining innovative and user-friendly platforms that empower our clients to achieve their academic goals. Our team consists of three key positions: 1/ Hieu Tran - Front-end Developer: Designs and develops intuitive and user-friendly web interfaces. Implements cutting-edge technologies to enhance user experience. Collaborates with the back-end development team to ensure seamless integration. 2/ Tra Vo - Back-end Developer: Builds and maintains robust and scalable web systems. Optimizes performance and ensures system stability. Integrates third-party APIs and services to expand functionality. 3/ Trang Le - UX/UI Designer: Creates visually appealing and user-centric designs. Conducts user research and applies best practices to improve usability. Collaborates with the development team to bring designs to life. By choosing MAAS EdTech, you can be confident that you will have access to the latest technologies and innovations in academic writing services. Our IT team is dedicated to providing you with a seamless and user-friendly experience that allows you to focus on what matters most: achieving your academic goals.

Human Resource Department

At MAAS EdTech, we believe that our employees are our greatest asset. Our dedicated Human Resources team is committed to attracting, developing, and retaining the best talent in the industry. We are passionate about creating a positive and supportive work environment where our employees can thrive and reach their full potential. Our team consists of 3 keys positions: 1/ HR Manager: Develops and implements HR policies and procedures. Oversees compensation and benefits programs. Creates a professional and positive work environment. Develops and implements training programs. Aligns HR initiatives with company goals. 2/ Talent Acquisition: Recruits and selects qualified candidates for open positions. Onboards new employees and helps them integrate into the team. Conducts performance reviews and provides feedback. Handles employee relations issues and concerns. Promotes a culture of learning and development. 3/ HR Admin: Provides administrative support to the HR department. Handles data entry and record keeping. Assists with recruitment and onboarding processes. Coordinates employee benefits and compensation. 4/ HR Intern: Gains hands-on experience in HR functions. Assists with various HR projects and initiatives. Conducts research and gathers data. Prepares reports and presentations. Contributes to the HR team's goals and objectives. Our HR team is committed to fostering a culture of diversity, inclusion, and respect at MAAS EdTech. We believe that a diverse workforce is a stronger workforce, and we are dedicated to creating an environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

Finance Department

Our dedicated Finance Department is committed to ensuring the long-term financial health of our company by managing our resources effectively, making sound financial decisions, and providing accurate and timely financial reporting.
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At MAAS Edtech, we believe in fostering a fun and passionate work environment through friendly competitions and social activities. Our employees are always enthusiastic, dedicated, and united in their work.

06/Our Workplace

We make your dream come true

One team one dream

We make your dream come true

One team one dream

06/Our Workplace

Collaborative Spirit: One Team, One Dream

Beyond Academic Writing: Social Activities & Team Building

08/ Our activity


Teamwork & Fun: The MAAS EdTech Advantage

Building Strong Teams: Social Activities & Team Building

A Supportive & Inspiring Work Environment


08/Our story


The Spark that Ignited Our Mission

Beyond the Words: The Stories Behind Our Success

From ink-stained whispers to global spotlights, delve into the stories behind the stories. Discover how headlines become chapters in our evolving narrative, sparking reflection, fueling ambition, and guiding our path forward.

MAAS EdTech - The 8 - year journey conquering the Vietnamese market


MAAS Academic Writing Service is a brand owned by MAAS Education Technology Joint Stock Company - a pioneering entity in the field of Academic Writing Service support, optimizing study methods for students, particularly international students in Vietnam and worldwide. For 8 years, MAAS EdTech has expanded to over 10 countries, with the ambition of becoming a leading educational organization in Southeast Asia and conquering markets around the world.

MAAS EdTech has the ambition to become the leading educational organization in Southeast Asia.


Building on its past successes, international vision, and continuous innovation, MAAS EdTech sets its sights on becoming the leading educational organization in Southeast Asia through practical actions.

Anh Do - CEO & Founder MAAS EdTech: "People are the most important asset of the company"


With her vision and business acumen, Ms. Do Mai Anh, the founder and CEO of MAAS Education Technology Joint Stock Company (MAAS EdTech), has built a team of personnel and developed MAAS from a small independent group into the MAAS Academic Writing Service brand as it is today.

Who is the pioneer in providing Academic Writing Services?


For busy students, completing assignments, essays, dissertations, and online tests can be a major obstacle. They have to research, learn, collect, and analyze complex information and data on their own. This can create a lot of pressure on their academic journey. Therefore, optimizing research and learning methods and improving the quality of their assignments is always a problem that international students want to solve.

08/Our story