I want to make sure that the expert fully understands my requirements for the academic papers. Is it possible to communicate directly with the expert?

January 31,2024

We understand how important it is for our expert to fully grasp your specific requirements for your academic papers. Here are a few ways you can ensure clear communication and collaboration with your assigned expert.

Additional Resources:

Rubric Upload: 

  • If you have a detailed rubric provided by your professor, you can upload it within your order so our expert can ensure the paper aligns with all the specific criteria.
  • Sample Paper Submission: If you have any specific examples of papers that you admire or want our expert to resemble, you can share them with our expert for reference.

Open Communication:

  • Proactive feedback: We encourage you to provide feedback throughout the writing process. Once our expert sends you an outline, drafts, or sections of the paper, you can share your thoughts and ask for any adjustments to ensure it meets your expectations.
  • Revision requests: We offer revisions so you can feel confident that the final paper is exactly what you need. Don't hesitate to ask for changes until you're completely satisfied.

Transparency and Support:

  • Meet our expert: In some cases, MAAS may also be able to arrange a brief direct communication via Google Docs or call between you and our expert to discuss the project in more detail. This can be especially helpful for complex assignments or if you have specific concerns.
  • Customer Support: Our customer relations team act as a bridge between you and our expert, ensuring all questions and information about the overall process are relayed efficiently